Ankle Reconstruction Surgery
While there are many conditions and injuries that may affect the function of the ankle, our team of experts can treat most of the problems with simple non-invasive procedures; however, if you are dealing with chronic problems and disorders that cause damage to the ankle joint then our surgeons may recommend getting ankle replacement surgery. If you do need ankle replacement surgery, you are in good, capable and caring hands at L.A. Institute of Foot & Ankle Surgery.

What is ankle replacement surgery?

Thousands of ankle replacement surgeries are performed each year in the US alone. When the ankle joint becomes so severely damaged that it no longer can function properly then our foot and ankle surgeons may recommend ankle replacement surgery, which repairs the damaged joint by replacing it with an artificial implant to reduce severe pain and inflammation.

Who can benefit from ankle replacement surgery?

Not all conditions and injuries that affect the ankle joint will require surgery to correct the problem. In fact, many problems can be treated with home care and a treatment plan created by our podiatric team; however, if you are dealing with severe pain, inflammation and stiffness that makes it difficult to walk then ankle replacement surgery may be necessary to alleviate these severe and life-changing symptoms.

Ankle replacement surgery is usually used to treat ankle joint damage caused by osteoarthritis (“wear and tear” on the joints) and rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune disorder that attacks the joints). While surgery isn’t typically the first line of defense against arthritis, it may be if your symptoms are affecting your daily routine and home care and other non-surgical options aren’t providing you with substantial relief.

What to expect with ankle replacement surgery?

This procedure is performed by our team of expert foot and ankle surgeons. Patients undergoing this procedure will receive general anesthesia, so they will be asleep throughout the surgery. A full ankle replacement surgery can take a little over two hours.

After the surgery, our doctors will discuss your post-surgical care and recovery process. A splint will be placed over the foot and ankle and you may need to use crutches for a few weeks. It will take several months to make a full recovery from surgery.

If you are dealing with severe and chronic pain, damage or instability in your ankles and want to find out if ankle reconstructive surgery is right for you. Call the L.A. Institute of Foot & Ankle Surgery today at
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