Are My Shoes Causing Corns and Calluses?

Jul 05, 2023
Are My Shoes Causing Corns and Calluses?
If you've been dealing with stubborn corns and calluses, your favorite shoes might be the culprit. This article explains how this might happen and provides expert tips to help you achieve healthy, callus-free feet.

While you are likely to prioritize style and aesthetics when picking shoes, it's crucial to recognize that your choices can impact your foot health.

Corns and calluses are common foot problems that could be linked to the shoes you wear, causing pain and discomfort. Understanding the connection is essential for prevention and proper care.

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Learn to identify when your shoes might be causing corns and calluses here. 

What are corns and calluses?

Corns and calluses are thickened layers of skin that develop in response to pressure and friction. While corns are smaller and typically grow on or between toes, calluses are larger and form on the bottom of the foot. 

Though not inherently dangerous, they can cause considerable discomfort and pain if left unchecked.

The role your shoes play

Your shoes play a significant role in determining where and when corns and calluses form on your feet. 


Wearing ill-fitting shoes is one of the primary causes for the development of corns and calluses. Tight shoes exert excess pressure, especially on the toes, while shoes too loose allow the foot to slide, causing friction.

Material and design

The material and design of shoes also play a role in developing these conditions. Shoes made from non-breathable materials can cause sweat to build up, softening your skin and making it more prone to damage. 

High heels and pointed shoes can also squeeze the toes, putting pressure on the forefoot, leading to corns and calluses.

Lack of cushioning

Proper cushioning is essential for the comfort of your foot. Shoes with thin soles or inadequate arch support can cause increased pressure on specific areas of your foot.

At LA Institute of Foot and Ankle, we offer custom orthotics and insoles that provide the necessary support and cushioning tailored to your foot's shape and needs.

Prevention and care for corns and calluses

You can take many steps to care for your feet properly and prevent corns and calluses.

Choose the right shoes 

Selecting the right pair of shoes is vital. Opt for shoes with a roomy toe box, good arch support, and cushioning. Materials like leather and canvas are also breathable and adapt better to the shape of your foot.

Regular upkeep

Regularly moisturizing your feet and using a pumice stone to remove hard skin can help keep corns and calluses at bay. Remember not to overdo it so you don't damage the skin.

Use protective pads

Protective pads or insoles can help reduce pressure and friction on your feet. We provide various options that cater to your specific foot shape and issue.

Seek professional help

If your corns or calluses become painful or inflamed, it is important to consult one of our podiatrists, who can offer advanced treatments such as callus trimming and corn removal. In some severe cases, we might recommend surgical options.

While shoes protect your feet, the wrong type can cause problems, such as corns and calluses. Being watchful of the fit, material, and shoe design you wear is crucial. 

Regular foot care, use of pads, and seeking timely professional help are also vital. For expert guidance and care, book an appointment online or call 818-848-5588 today to ensure that every step you take is comfortable.