Total Ankle Replacement

Ankle Implants were first introduced more than 20 years ago, and many patients had very poor outcomes. Therefore in the past doctors did not like these procedures and considered them risky. However, with the advancement of surgical technique and better the understanding of the ankle joint, new and improved ankle joint designs emerged. When compared to fusions, ankles implants preserve the functionality of the joint and allow patients to stay more active. Today, there are 4 different Total Ankle Implants available in the U.S.

Dr. Armen Hagopjanian is one of the first and few foot and ankle surgeons in Los Angeles who started doing Total Ankle Replacements in 2004. Currently two different models - STAR and InBone - are utilized by Dr. Hagopjanian.

The youngest patient who received ankle implant by Dr. Hagopjanian was 35, and the oldest - 84. We take every precaution to make sure our patients get the best treatment for their individual needs and condition. We also use strict guidelines to determine if surgery or alternatives are the best course of action to help our patients.

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